Posted on September 24, 2018

Card Brawl: Developer Diary #3 - Get Animated!

Today, we wanted to share the third installment in our Developer Diary video series - Get Animated!

Joining us for this video is Joshua Rowe, Lead Technical Artist on Card Brawl: Duel of Champions. Joshua shares how game companies use animation and visual effects to both bring the game to life and communicate important information to the player. He then explores how we need to tailor those animations to work with a mobile phone user.

The first Developer Diary with Zeke Marks, the Project Lead for Card Brawl, can be found here.

The second Developer Diary with Iggy Medeiros, Art Director, and Rie Lee, Production artist, can be found here.

We’ll be sharing more about the game over the coming weeks - to stay informed, bookmark our blog and follow the game on our social channels:

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